How I Learned To Drive

Broadway World Houston Review

"The two characters rarely touch in the entire play; the abuse is portrayed with the perfect level of remove, and yet it's clear she's victimized.... The play is tactful; this is not a shoddy attempt to disgust or shock... Director Paige Kiliany leads a fine cast of actors who are adept at navigating the difficult subject matter."

Houston Press Review

"It's [Vogel's] highly expressive method- and this particular production's exquisite rendering- that keep us mesmerized, voyeurs till the end.... Superlatively directed by Paige Kiliany, Vogel's disquieting look into life's seedier side breathes intoxicating fire...  The subject may be off-putting, but I assure you, the telling is not.  It is thrilling."

All In The Timing

Broadway World Houston Interview

"I think the fact that they're six really different plays and some of them appeared more difficult than others to me at first was a big challenge. I wanted all of them to be fantastic so I had to find a way into each of them individually. Also, as previously mentioned, I didn't want this production to seem outdated or too high brow so I was aware of that even at casting to make sure this was a fun, down to earth show." 

All in the Timing Review

"director Paige Kiliany lets her actors loose in the intimate playing area... In Ives' world view, not only do words keep us going, but if we laugh at the absurdity of it all, we delay the inevitable ever so slightly. Landing Theatre's Timing, abetted by some very comic actors, has got that down to a science." 

All in the Timing Article-Houston Press

"Director Paige Kiliany tells us, “I want our audiences to know that this is a classic show but we're presenting it in a very modern, exciting way.” ..... "It's also very funny, and the fact that all of the actors get to portray at least two completely different characters makes this a fantastic challenge for them and also [for] me as a director.”" 


Houston Public Media Radio Interview

Interview with Paige, David Rainey and Jacey Little about the 2015 New American Voices Series

Houston Press: 100 Creatives

"I love directing because I get to work closely with designers, actors and writers all at once. Directing allows me to be creative, intellectual, collaborative, a leader and a storyteller."

Shady Side graduate working on Off-Broadway Production

"The director/choreographer and Shady Side Academy alumna, now in her junior year at Carnegie Mellon University, is working this semester in New York City behind the scenes on an Off-Broadway production of "The Lady from Dubuque."  On weekends, she checks in with students at SSA, where she designed dance numbers for the spring presentation of "The Music Man""